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Recommended Chinese restaurants: London, UK

These Chinese restaurants in London are recommended for their authenticity and have been provided with a Chopstix™ window sticker to alert potential diners.

Diced chicken breast with celery

This recipe was passed on to me by my mother, who in turn learnt it from her mother, so it's a truly traditional family recipe.

Egg-flower soup

If stock is not available, a chicken stock cube dissolved in water may be used as substitute but it will have a quite different flavour.

Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup is an old favourite for most people who frequent Peking and Sichuan restaurants. It is one of the few Chinese thick soups.

West lake beef soup

This is a popular Cantonese recipe, and for years I just couldn't understand why it was named after a famous lake in the scenic city of Hangzhou in Eastern China.

Fish slices soup

Ideally use the fillet of a flat fish such as lemon sole or plaice. It is not necessary to remove the skin, which helps to keep the flesh of the fish together when cooked.

Lamb and cucumber soup

This is a variation of Hot and Sour Soup, but much simpler to prepare and equally delicious - if not even more so!

San-xian (three-delicacies) soup

The Chinese character xian (delicious) is a compound word made up of yu (fish) and yang (sheep). This soup has gone one stage further by adding a third delicacy - chicken.

Spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce

I remember the thrill and excitement of my first encounter with sweet and sour spareribs in a Cantonese restaurant, but I have never tasted anything like them since.