Articles by Deh-Ta Hsiung

Deh-Ta Hsiung is an acknowledged expert on Chinese food and cookery - besides being the author of several best-selling books and a food and wine consultant for Chinese restaurants and food manufacturers, he is also a tutor of renown. You can find him online at

Stir-fried Ten Varieties (ii) with Meats

This is an ideal way of using up leftovers from roast chicken and meat joints.

Stir-fried Ten Varieties (i) with Giblets

All the ingredients in this dish are specially selected in order to achieve a perfect balance of texture, colour and flavour.

Long-simmered whole chicken

This is really a soup dish, but the chicken is served whole with the broth.

Fu-yung (lotus-white) chicken

This is a rather complicated but not too difficult recipe. What you need here is patience; the result is most satisfying and delicious.

Sliced chicken with ham and broccoli

This is a famous Cantonese dish which is both itself colourful and has a rather colourful name: 'golden flower and jade tree chicken'.

Chicken wings assembly

'Assembly' is a translation of the Chinese word hui, which refers to food re-cooked in gravy thickened with cornflour.

Diced chicken with sweet bean sauce

This is a Peking dish which is simple and easy to prepare.

Diced chicken and pork

This is a Peking dish. The pork must be the tenderest fillet (called tenderloin in the USA); when cooked, its colour turns to a pale white, almost the same as chicken breast, but with a subtle difference in taste and texture.