Articles by Deh-Ta Hsiung

Deh-Ta Hsiung is an acknowledged expert on Chinese food and cookery - besides being the author of several best-selling books and a food and wine consultant for Chinese restaurants and food manufacturers, he is also a tutor of renown. You can find him online at

Pork laurel (mu-shu pork)

The Chinese laurel is a large tree which produces bright yellow, fragrant flowers. The pork in this recipe is cooked with eggs, which give a yellow colour to the dish - hence the name.

Stuffed green peppers

For this recipe, use small, thin-skinned green peppers if possible.

Shredded pork with green peppers

The green pepper or pimento, a native of America, is now cultivated in all parts of the world. Its crunchy texture makes it very popular in China.

Meat slices with spring onions

This recipe originated in Shandong, a province in the north with which Peking cuisine is closely associated, and which is famous for its leek and onion-flavoured dishes.

Shredded pork with Sichuan preserved vegetable

Sichuan (Szechuan) preserved vegetable is made of the root of a vegetable whose texture resembles a radish, pickled with chilli and salt. It is very hot and salty.

Vegetarian noodles in soup

My earliest recollection of the Chinese countryside is of a trip to a Buddhist temple high up in the wooded hills a few miles from Nanchang, my grandparents' home town, south of the Yangtze River.

Stir-fried green cabbage

Most people who are put off by the strong smell of boiled cabbage will be pleasantly surprised to find that if prepared and cooked in the Chinese way,

Bean curd à la maison (bean curd for family meals)

One of the simple dishes Emperor Ch'ien Lung discovered among the common people was bean curd (tofu). Made from puréed and pressed soya beans, it is exceptionally high in protein and is known in China as 'poor man's meat'.