Chinese recipes

Fish and chips Chinese-style

Say farewell to the old vinegar bottle, marinate the fish in Chinese rice wine and ginger, and serve the fish and chips with spicy salt and sweet and sour sauce.

The Great Khan’s fire pot

The greatest culinary contribution of the Great Khan was undoubtedly the Mongolian fire pot. The Mongol emperors must have thrown some lively dinner parties.

Twice-cooked pork

'Twice-cooked' refers to the two-step cooking process to create this dish. It does not mean that you will only want to cook this dish twice. Chances are, your guests will be asking for encores.

General Tso’s favorite chicken

A dish fit for a general is certainly good enough for me. With the rich and flavorful sauce, it's sure to be your favorite chicken dish as well.

Egg custard tarts

Ask any 7-year-old in Hong Kong what his or her favorite treat is, and you will get an earful: Egg Custard Tarts! These sweet tarts are great for a dim sum brunch, and they are perfect for a proper afternoon tea.

Mongolian hot pot

Mongolian hot pot is the Chinese version of fondue, and it's great for entertaining because it brings people together and once you set it up, the guests do all the work!

Mango pancakes

Oranges, melons and other yellow and orange-coloured fruits are particularly auspicious at Chinese New Year – they represent the moon, a lucky omen.

Steamed salmon with black bean sauce

Fish is at the heart of every Chinese New Year meal as it signifies ‘abundance’ (of riches, health, happiness, etc.) during the following year. Traditionally, the fish is steamed whole.